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David Estillore

Time to start your self-development journey

You will need to understand what coaching is before deciding whether it is something you need. 

What is coaching?

I'm not going to teach you or give you advice. I'll only ask questions hopefully helps you discover the answers on your own. I'll provide the safe space to reflect, understand yourself better, and take action. 

01 - I'm not your mentor

If you have any mental health conditions, please let me know. Therapists are more trained at handling traumas and mental health conditions. 

02 - I'm not your therapist

Coaching will not give you instant results. This is a long-term commitment to your growth! Be patient with yourself, trust the process, and identify the pace you'd like for yourself. We just need to get started. 

03 - Positive results are not instant 

What can my coaching help you with?

Gain clarity on your thoughts and goals

Sometimes, we fail to be honest with ourselves on what we truly want. I'll provide the space for you to gain clarity on what you want, and take intentional actions to make progress. 

Your goals can cover topics in career, health, relationships, habits, productivity, and many more. 

I'll be accompanying you in your chosen journey of self development. I'll help you to keep moving forward and to take action towards your goals and aspirations. 

Accountability for yourself

I'll help you identify your limiting belief systems that might be holding you back from success, and develop new perspectives to push you forward. 

Through our conversations, I'll help you figure out what to equip yourself with to better move towards achieving your desired outcomes. 

Transform your mindset

Schedule a discovery call with me! 

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