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David Estillore

I don't have my life figured out! 

Just in case you think I already have all the experience in the world and have mastered life... Nope, I haven't (sorry to disappoint). 

My life is still an ongoing project filled with experiments to help me figure out what works, what I like, what I don't like, and what makes my life more meaningful! 


My name is


I'm a transformative coach that wants to help people gain clarity, self-awareness and achieve positive personal growth. Here's a summary of my journey. 

I was an electronics engineering student in Ateneo de Manila University here in the Philippines back in 2020. The pandemic caused me to look for other learning opportunities to learn more about myself, what I want, and how I can achieve them. 

After a lot of different job experiences, different types of co-workers, different advocacies and company missions, I finally reached around 60% clarity on what I truly want for myself. 

Yes, my 60% clarity might increase or decrease as I go through life. But I believe we need to be at peace with the uncertainties of life. 

I've changed a lot since 2020. I'm not just talking about small changes here. These are BIG changes that I never thought I'd go through in a span of a few years. 

And I still have a long way to go in my journey for self-improvement and helping other people reach this as well. 

I don't claim to have the answer to every question we may have about life, career, health, relationships, or anything about the universe. But one thing I like doing is helping people process their thoughts, emotions, and actions as they try to make sense of life. Will I be the perfect coach or person to talk to about growth? I'm not perfect, but I know I'm willing to help :) 

If you're REALLY curious about me, feel free to get to know more about me in the sections below! 

Was an electronics engineering student for 3 years. I took some internships during the pandemic and slowly felt that it wasn't as fun for me as I expected. Took the leap of faith and explore non-engineering related careers to see what might work. 


Software Engineering

Eventually landed a part-time role as a Project Lead at a startup here in the Philippines. This was my first time having my own interns. This motivated me to find better ways of making sure that what they learn will be valuable for their careers. 


Project Management

Blessed to have landed a role as a talent management associate at Positive Workplaces. This immersed me with the experience in positive psychology, leadership, course development, and video design. My foundations as a professional were built here!  


Learning & Development

My first experience in coaching was in Positive Workplaces, and this inspired me to also become a coach. Luckily, part of my work back then was to help our interns and employees with individual development planning, as I helped them identify their goals and learn the skills to reach them. I got my coaching certification in 2021, and decided to continuously do freelance coaching up to this day. 


Professional Coaching

With my coaching business still at its early stages, I decided to take on a role as a digital marketer at an amazing advertising agency to have some stability while I build my skills. I also did some self studying on marketing strategies online since it was such a valuable skill. Eventually, I felt the urge to work on projects that are focused on doing good in the world. So I decided once again to venture into another space.


Marketing & Advertising

I founded a community for early-level professionals that wanted coaching, where I designed and delivered my own workshops and webinars to help them with their careers. This was fulfilling! Through my networking, this gave me the opportunity to also facilitate coaching & mentoring workshops with the mentorship of Boris Joaquin. Decided to facilitate my workshops independently and only work with non-profits or impactful organizations if possible. 


Workshop Facilitator

I'm now currently working with the School of Urban and Regional Planning Office at the University of the Philippines as a research assistant to help develop a policy making framework. This opportunity caught my interest, as I believe it'll be useful for me to also develop my own research to become a good subject matter expert. Besides, it's still aligned with my goal of wanting to do good in the world! 



I committed myself to only working with projects that give positive impact in the world. With this, I worked with organizations and companies in the non-profit space. I worked as a coaching associate at Upgradable, as a graphic designer at Future Academy, and as a video editor at Charity Entrepreneurship, and now as one of the core members at an emerging biodiversity project


Non-Profit and Impact Projects

I want to have control over what values I live by, what impact I want to give, and how I want to help people and the world. Not being tied to a company seems like the best way to move forward for me. 

So here I am! 

Slowly, but surely, my projects will start sustaining themselves and become scalable to give maximum impact! 

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Summary of my career journey

Would love to hear your story as well, and encourage you to tell it. 

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